Live stats

Live stats is a roll project that transforms live
data into understandable infographics.

London is 88.2% happy!

The resulting statistic is based on an analysis of Tweets fetched within a geolocated radius of London. Using a Naive Bayes Classifier it analyses each one to determine its emotional content, either happy or sad, and compiles the result.

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How happy is London?

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Kutiman-Mix The City

Explore a city through sound and video with this uncomplicated music video composer.


The Most Northern Place

Following the true story of an event that saw an entire Inuit community uprooted by the U.S army in just 4 days.


Grano Armando

Helping an ethically driven pasta brand find their voice in a competitive industry


The Welcome People

Combining technology, people skills and a dash of magic to create one of the most captivating brands in London, soon to be worldwide...



Branding and Designing agency Fivefootsix approached Roll to redesign and develop a new site to help support their communication and marketing strategy.

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