BBC 6 Degrees

September 21, 2017

BBC 6 Degrees

BBC 6 Degrees - simple, irreverent editorial combined with a well designed interactive app that incorporates playful content and interactive formats to take you on a journey through ridiculous connections via incredible facts and surprising BBC archive material.

BBC 6 Degrees captivates the audience by revealing surprising connections between random facts that chronologically build a story. Its aim is to pilot and innovate a new interactive and editorial format. This happens through exploration of materials from BBC Archive such as images, videos, interactive scrubbables and 3D objects.



Through this web interactive experience designed for mobile first, creativity, innovation and curiosity are given a chance to blossom.

By underlining the relation between different subjects and by encouraging an in-depth exploration of each one of those, BBC 6 Degrees generates engagement and enables the revitalisation of what can be considered as ‘unrelated news’. Pure bite size, sharable edutainment.




The experience is promoted on the BBC Taster website and is available for desktop, tablets and mobile.




BBC Studios

Release date
September 2017


Lead designer
Oriana Gaeta

Nicolas Aguado

Project Manager
Tom Gillet
Thomas Lumeau

Tech Lead
Renato Formato

Lead Developer
Dario Carella

Marco Acierno

Executive Producer
Orlando Festa