The Embassy of Ethiopia in London Website Redesign

October 31, 2017

The Ethiopian Embassy in London invited Roll Studio to redesign and develop a new website in order to improve the communication and their digital strategy consistency following the best practices for Digital Diplomacy.
The main goals were to simplify the navigation and improve the user journey in order to quickly find relevant information; to present an enticing image of Ethiopia as a touristic destination; to create a clean platform for external communication such as newsletters, digital magazine and articles.
As a result, Roll Studio delivered a clean and responsive website with a fresh and engaging design that offers optimum user experience.

The Website Redesign

Bearing in mind that the Embassy website serves as a vital resource for Ethiopians in the U.K. we carefully worked at detailing and improving the user interface.
We have developed a new logical structure of the website that breaks down complex and sometimes boring information into clear steps to follow.

Our goal was to create an accessible, easy and modern website that could meet the needs of both part the Ethiopians and the Embassy.


We designed a set of modular and customisable UI components providing a reliable and consistent design environment. Each module can be created via CMS with no coding skills required from the client.


Ethiopian Embassy

Release date
September 2017


UX Design, UI Design
Giorgia Xia

UX Lead
Luisa Tatoli

Tech Lead
Renato Formato

Front-end Development 
Marco Acierno
Renato Formato
Dario Carella

Backend Development
Marco Acierno


Project Management
Chris Domin

Executive Producer
Orlando Festa