A Fireflies Garden

By Carlo Iandolo on February 11, 2014

The European media arts festival Flussi invited Roll to contribute an installation for the event. At that time we had been experimenting with solar energy and using it to power an Arduino circuit. The logical progression was to expand our experiments into an installation. 

The Fireflies Garden is a self sustainable installation of more than 500 individually programmed lights that appear when the sun goes down. Turning any environment into a dream landscape after dark.

Here is a close up of the Arduino mega based platform, the Arduino controls several sets of power LEDs in continuous current through the use of a relay system. The aim is to obtain different combinations simply by changing the working parameters of the control program.

The installation has been concepted and made in collaboration with Giuseppe Vele, also a big thankyou goes to Vittorio Mele’s for helping us hook everything up. We are looking forward to developing this installation in the near future.