InFlussi - a recap

By Clare Anderson on September 24, 2015

Earlier in the year we revealed a little insight into the minds of the mad scientists at Roll Research & Development, in our blog post The Birth of InFlussi. We’d give you a recap but without tooting our own horn, reducing it to five lines for an email newsletter doesn’t even scratch the surface of this incredible project.

The launch of InFlussi at Flussi Media Arts festival held in Avellino, Italy was a great success. Festival-goers quite literally never missed a beat, with our app alerting them when their favourite artists were performing, and basically playing the role of the well-read, super organised friend everyone needs, pushing artist info, maps etc to their smartphones via the strategically placed Beacons.

Creating the official Flussi festival app wasn’t enough for our Dev wizards though, who casually whipped up Interferente,

a virtual reality experiment to exhibit at the festival on the side (as you do).

Inspired by our interactive installation from Flussi 2010 that was based on the visualisation of wave shapes being subjected to various effects in real time, Interferente at Flussi 2015 was given an Oculus VR upgrade, and let users experience the installation in virtual reality.

With all this work to share, our Italian office called in for backup. Roll UK were more than happy to help spread the word about InFlussi and Interferente (...and make the most of a bank holiday weekend spent on the nearby Amalfi coast), so for 6 glorious 34 degree days Roll Studio worked as one big happy family in Avellino. You can see happy snaps from the all-out pizza binge on our Facebook.