Roll Summer Social

September 21, 2017

Roll Summer Social 

On the 27th of July, we had a chance to host an evening bursting with digital loveliness at Uncommon, in Highbury & Islington. Our speakers were Gianfranco Chicco, European Marketing Director for Lovie Awards, who shared Lovie’s unique view on on how creativity can be used to turn today’s biggest business risks into major breakthroughs, and Steve Lloyd, Creative Director at IcoEx, who delved into the connection between physical and digital by looking at how gamifying work can kickstart powerful content strategy. 


In order to get our audience excited, we’ve created a small integrated campaign by utilizing common media such as a newsletter, social media channels and a landing page dedicated specifically for this event, which in this case was our interactive poster.

Newsletter invite sent to our clients, partners, friends and family. Followed up by a reminder and thank you email, linked to a Facebook gallery from the event. 

Facebook and Twitter got fresh set of graphics. We’ve extended the guess list by creating a Facebook event and inviting friends and family form London. Scheduled posts on both media gradually introduced the event, speakers and got our audience excited and ready for the evening. 




Every summer flies, and by the time we know, it’s already gone. This year we hit the breaks for one evening: Roll Summer Social. Dim the vivid summer colors with pastels and splash them with refreshing bubbles. Created with a careful mix of 2D and WebGL canvas and a dedicated shader, they move slowly allowing us to take a breath in the vibrant city of London and dive into a laid-back conversations about what’s on in digital. 


Internal project

Release date
August 2017



Giorgia Xia

Lead Developer
Renato Formato

Dario Carella

James Seaston
Chris Domin

Social Media Management
Chris Domin

Project Manager
Chris Domin

Executive Producer
Orlando Festa
Luisa Tatoli