We are hiring a system administrator

April 29, 2015

We are hiring a system administrator in Avellino (Italy)

The job will consist of supporting and managing the IT system (server and networking) along with suggesting and developing new adequate solutions based on the company’s needs.  For activities such as managing and resolving emergencies, the resource shall be available to work during weekends when necessary. 

The ideal candidate for this position has a degree in computer engineering or an equivalent level of skills, knows well operating systems  and computer networks configurations and finally is able to diagnose and resolve issues related to several aspects of the IT field.

  • management, maintenance and upgrade of linux server 
  • server monitoring
  • management of db MySQL, Postgress
  • management and update of hypervisor and virtual machines. 
  • installation/update of softwares supporting development (gitlab, redmine, sentry…)
  • server management of svn/git versioning 
  • execution and monitoring of backup process 
  • AWS/CloudFront configurations

A high level of English, both spoken and written, is a primary requirement.

Contract and salary: based on experience

If interested please get in touch with us writing at jobs@rollstudio.it