• iOS App Development

To coincide with the release of Arduino’s IoT Cloud we have created a companion app that enables users to access real-time updates from their sensors and devices directly to their phones.

With access to the cloud Arduino users can now benefit from being able to log interactions along with having access to real time data through the dashboard. We were tasked to create an app that takes the new dashboard and convert it to something that can be viewed on any IOS device.

Widgets are the new way that sensors are visualised across the dashboard, each different sensor has its own widget with unique functionality. The drag and drop behaviour from the desktop experience has been carried across to the IOS app to create full customisation of the mobile dashboard.


Development: Renato Formato, Marek Murawski | Project Management: Laura Wiech-PrzerwaDevelopment: Renato Formato, Marek Murawski | Project Management: Laura Wiech-Przerwa