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We have created an immersive and emotionally engaging experience for Memories.com, a platform that warmly embraces users on a journey of discovery through intricately woven memories, celebrating the essence of life. Our approach focused on being welcoming, intuitive, and supportive, ensuring that users would feel connected and engaged throughout their experience.

Currently over 60% of the world’s population is on social media, a mind-blowing statistic, revealing how we now choose to live our lives, sharing thoughts, ideas, and media with one another. Building memories online has become an integral part of our existence, shaping the way we document and share our experiences like never before. But what happens to these digital impressions when someone passes away? After a thorough analysis it was clear that social media platforms attempt at converting pages into a memorial, did not truly do the deceased person’s life justice, and there was a clear opportunity here to elevate the commemoration of our loved ones.

At the heart of the Memories concept lies a fundamental truth: If we truly live on through memories and the conversations of others, then telling better quality stories is the key to keeping the spirit of our loved ones alive. Our journey begins with the “Timeline of your person,” an entry system where someone close to the individual, like a family member, can create a profile. We curated an interface and custom process to be as easy and engaging as possible to create a space for discovery and meaningful experiences.

For storytelling to be successful, atmosphere is as crucial as facts and figures. We used data to build rich atmospheres that resonate with one’s memories. For instance, simple information like a date of birth helps us pinpoint songs playing on the radio that day, infusing music into the person’s story. Also, taking the weather information from the day of birth further enriches the narrative, taking users on a journey back in time, through the use of the descriptive language that is presented.

Our WebGL unique shape breathes life and personality into each story. Represented as a flower, each petal quantifies different aspects of a person’s life – achievements, time alive, countries visited, memories, and relationships. Users can add adjectives to the mix, which influence the shape’s colours, making each representation unique and personalised to the individual.

The approach taken here is a true reflection of the heart of this project, a remarkable fusion of technology, art, and cultural appreciation. We aimed to create a platform that goes beyond mere functionality and instead, becomes an immersive and emotionally engaging experience. Understanding the sensitivity of our subject matter, we carefully designed an interface that feels welcoming, intuitive, and supportive. The user’s journey through Memories is akin to a voyage of discovery, where they seamlessly interact with the rich tapestry of memories woven together.

We emphasised the importance of multiple voices, encouraging the “crowdsourcing” of memories to capture the essence of shared moments. The result is an interface that celebrates individual lives while connecting them to a larger collective story. With every tap and interaction, Memories unfolds like a work of art, reflecting the beauty and complexity of each person’s existence. The more contributors there are, the more vibrant and meaningful the story becomes.