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Rippl is a digital learning product that helps build an organisation of great communicators who can all work better together, more effectively, to get more done.

We have been fortunate enough to work across the entire digital product development from branding through to user experience, design and build on this web based learning and diagnostic product.

The visual identity makes each user’s experience unique through an interface colour palette that is generated by the communication stle of the user. Over time the colours shifts as the user learns and improves their communication style.

Through individual analysis and prescribed learning pathways Rippl delivers the right tuition plan for individuals in order to collectively raise the communication levels of the team.

Through close collaboration the Roll Studio, Everlearn and Rippl teams went through a process of rapid prototyping and reiteration to create minimum viable products for testing.

Following an agile approach, we have been working on defining a modular and a scalable design system which has been wireframed, developed and finally stylized.
The work on components allowed to approach single elements as autonomous ecosystem allowing to have easier future interations.

The design and development process was advanced in parallel having both teams working almost simultaneously thanks to the modularity of the design system, cutting times and costs and delivering an efficient product making easier the switch betwen design and development.


Producer: Luisa Tatoli | Tech Lead: Renato Formato | Design: Mauro Del Gaudio | Developers: Serena FalchieriProducer: Luisa Tatoli | Tech Lead: Renato Formato | Design: Mauro Del Gaudio | Developers: Serena Falchieri

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