Mapping out values through interactivity

BBC Global Values

Global Values: Where do you fit? Is an online interactive questionnaire created in collaboration with the BBC and Professor Sander Van Der Linden at the University Of Cambridge. The tool is designed to use psychological research to explore what are the guiding principles that make up our personal values.

The Concept

Our choices and interactions create the fabric of who we are as human beings. This creates a distinct ‘value fingerprint’ that reflects our personal priorities. 

The Global values project allows users to use science to reveal your very own ‘Value Fingerprint’ and explore how you compare to your peers and establish your similarities and differences.





Interactivity at its core

We focused on creating a tool that was both aesthetically rich and also intuitive. In order to maintain interest we created a simple interface that allowed users to not only answer the questions but engage with the content through innovative interactions and animations.




The UX for the site has engagement at its core, we focused on creating a user interface that is both simple and fun to use using both sliders and card sorting techniques to answer the questions.

Revealing your profile

Each petal is bespoke and follows your individual answer pattern throughout the questionnaire, this answer value builds your own personal fingerprint which the user can then share at the end of the experience and compare with their friends.


Release date:
June 2018

BBC Studios

BBC Taster: Global Values

Kuba Bogaczynski
David Fiz Querol

Tech Lead:
Renato Formato

Front End Developer:
Magnus Dahlstrand

Project Manager:
Melodie Ash

Executive Producer:
Orlando Festa