Allow the strange and wonderful art of Hieronymus Bosch to step out of the canvas and into your home.

Turn your home into an interactive art experience

For most people, seeing world renowned art involves heading to your nearest gallery. Alongside studio ANRK we have created an augmented reality experiment that allows the surreal world of 15th century painter Hieronymous Bosch to come alive and explore the world outside the canvas.

Before the surrealist work of Salvador Dalí there was Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch painter from the 15th century whose work contains twisted realities and illustrative characters inspired by biblical themes and concepts.





Using augmented reality and 6D technology to map out your home in 3D we have brought 5 characters out of the canvas, given them unique personalities, and allow them to explore our world.




You can interact with the characters by changing the scale, orientation and position of each one. Place them into your scene and you can take pictures and recordings with them. Adding all 5 characters at the same time into a scene unlocks a hidden ‘parade’ feature, watch as they come together in a line and march around your space, inspired by the annual Bosch parade held in his hometown each year (check it out it's crazy).




This is just the first installment of a project that will continue to develop over time. Future updates are currently being planned, and will include new and unique experiments using Bosch’s incredible imagery and characters.





Release date
April 2020

Roll Studio and Anrick Bregman

Creative Director
Anrick Bregman

Design and Development
Roll Studio

3D Artist
Stanislav Shcherbakov

Website Development
Serena Falchieri

Giuseppe Motta

Siz Sarayut

Rigging and Animations
Eddie Chew
Bachir Kazzi
Hakob Muradian

Social Filters
Askhat Mudarisov

6d Prototyping
Herman Fredlund