Increasing Fiat's growth rate in a heavily declining market

Fiat Motor Village

Fiat approached Roll in 2011 looking for an increase in web traffic and customer leads, as well as an increase in brand awareness and online presence. From January 2011 to date Fiat Motor Village has recorded consistent growth rate in every analysed parameter.

The results

Since 2011 we have been working with Fiat Motor villages to help them establish a stronger identity online and to start using the internet as a tool to their advantage. With 9 showrooms across Italy it has been a project that has spanned the entire country.

Initially they approached us to increase web traffic and leads from their website. We soon moved to managing all 8 sites and the results have positioned Fiat Motor Village as one of the key dealerships in Italy.


Digital Advertising

Production of geo-localized campaigns with Google adwords and Facebook ads, using landing pages that collect leads through an automated email system sent to both clients and dealers.

Social Media Management

Creation, optimisation, management and moderation of the company’s social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr.

Special Events

The creation of one off events such as the fundraising auction that coincides with the new Fiat Panda in cooperation with the Naples football team.

Press Advertising

Creative production for press, linking in with the digital offering.

Content Management

Editing the publication of news, banners and popins according to the needs of each dealership.

Social Games & Competitions

The creation of games and quizzes on Facebook. Also transferred to an iPad to be used on location in malls and instore.

After almost three years of cooperation, Rollstudio has showed to be a valid partner in the management of the dealer’s websites for Fiat Motor Village Italia. Rollstudio has the great talent of supporting someone like us who need real time tasks and a good understanding of the general situation in order to plan a complete digital strategy involving the world of the web and of the social networks.

Marco Losito, Marketing Manager Owned Dealer Europe


The client has been guided through the discovery of digital advertising; a world full of amazingly transparent and effective methods for those accustomed to the use of traditional media. The powerful targeting tools proposed by Facebook and Google combined with the certain results guaranteed by the measure of the ROI, convinced the client to move the budget normally destined for traditional media to digital media instead. Minimal expense, maximum return.


Facebook leads



Google leads



Google leads



Release date
2011 - 2013

Fiat Group SPA

Social Media Strategist
Carlo Iandolo

Graphic Designer
Emiliano Stella

Alberto Parziale

Pietro Robertazzi