Helping an ethically driven
pasta brand find their voice
in a competitive industry

Grano Armando

Grano Armando came to Roll to help establish more brand exposure, through a series of campaigns we raised public awareness of why this ethically driven pasta brand is a better choice not just for taste but also protecting the traditional farming methods of Italy.


Grano Armando is shaking up the traditional pasta industry within Italy. Operating with a conscience the brand has created an ecosystem that supports local farmers whilst guaranteeing a quality product made from 100% Italian wheat. Packaged in fully decomposable bags and good for the environment they are certainly doing their bit.

Our challenge was to educate the public about this fantastic brand and the story behind every pack.

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  • Demographic shift


Over the period of 12 months the Grano Armando brand's online presence has surpassed our expectations.
In only nine days from launch the new website was visited by the same number of the total visitors of 2013.  

The take up in followers has been phenomenal, we now have a loyal community that understands the value of the product - they not only share content but create it as well. 

In only nine days from launch the new website was visited by the same number of the total visitors of 2013


The first thing we looked at was creating social channels to allow customers to conversate with Grano Armando. By incentivising interactions and running competitions we promoted activity across all social media channels.

We also bought domain names of obvious search terms such as ‘thebestpasta’ this increased the Google listings for Grano Armando in a more effective way than a straight Ad spend.

The best pasta

Grano Armando: Pasta 100% Italian Wheat

Grano Armando is the Pasta Brand made only using Italian Wheat. Learn more about Armando's Dream: to make an excellent Pasta.

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Empathy was an important touch point for consumers. The pasta has such an important story attached to it. We created short films based around the farmers to bring home the affect this ecosystem has on one of the oldest industries in Italy.



User generated content has been a testament to a successful campaign, consumers have understood our communication stategy and feel committed to the values of the brand.

The natural result is that people wants to share posts about Grano Armando with its community and with all of their friends.



We used microsites to explain Grano Armando’s values in detail. These dedicated websites were optimised for core brand keywords which also improved the SEO.

Digital Advertising

Production of campaigns with Google Adwords (Search & Display) and Facebook ads to increase awareness, drive more traffic to the website and promote videos that let the Social community grow.

Social Media Management

Creation, optimisation, management and moderation of the company’s social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Social Games & Competitions

Games and competitions were created to reward consumers for their loyalty and commitment. Every game has been realised to maximise interaction and viral mechanisms.

Roll Studio is helping Grano Armando’s new and existing customers get closer to it’s pasta. Through original and innovative storytelling, it has become easy for them to be empathetic with the brand's values and the ecosystem we are striving to maintain.

Gianluca Ciamillo, Marketing Manager


De Matteis Agroalimentare

Creative Director
Luisa Tatoli

Lead Designer
Oriana Gaeta

Tech Lead
Renato Formato

Lead Developer
Alberto Parziale

Enrico Saldutti

Fernando Arias
Paola Bruno

Video Makers
Rino Pucci
Ermanno Bonazzi
Andrea Maioli

Sound design
Matteo Martignoni

Digital editors
Emiliano Stella
Oriana Gaeta

Social Media Strategist
Carlo Iandolo

Carlo Iandolo

Thanks to
James White
Marco Grimaldi
Diego Caiazza
Carlo Di Blasi
XD Studio
Francesco Di Pierro

Frontend Developers
Renato Formato
Marek Murawsk
Adrian Roth
Emanuele Tortolone
Mara Baraglia

Backend Developers
Lara Belcastro
Renato Formato
Alberto Parziale