Giving everybody the ability to compose and make a music video

Kutiman-Mix The City

An interactive music video composer that allows you to explore a city through its inhabitants and the music they produce.

The site

Kutiman is a musician famed for his collaborative Thru You project which gained him over 1,000,000 views in a week when released on Youtube.
Mix The City lets you compose tracks in the very same process as Kutiman who reassembles other peoples music to create his unique songs. All the audio within Mix The City was taken from musicians residing in Tel Aviv, allowing you to explore and navigate the city through the music of the people who live there. 

A Simplified Experience

The creation of tracks have been made as simple as possible and the experience plays to the strengths of the device you are viewing the site on. 

The desktop version utilises the keyboard and users can switch between samples quickly, allowing for a greater freedom when creating their track. Operation on mobile and tablet devices is a simple touch gesture, interaction has been minimised wherever possible.


In order to make the experience work on mobile we have used canvas technology. This creates the illusion of video in an environment that won’t allow multiple video to play at the same time.

Instead the user is presented with an image sequence that perfectly matches up to the audio sample on the track that is being played.

Mix the City was created with simplicity in mind, trying to make something
that not only was easy to use but that could be adapted for anywhere on
the planet, any city or town. Just change the artists and you have an instantly
different experience, unique to that location.


The experience would not be possible without Web Audio API, this technology provides a powerful and versatile system for controlling audio on the web.

We have used its capabilities to allow for exact synchronisation between the audio of the tracks and for the synthesiser affect which all happens in real time.


The homepage imagery changes every hour to reflect the mood of the city, shot by the artist Kutiman. A feature that creates an ever-changing environment for regular users of the site.

We also pull in weather information, population and time until sunset or sunrise. This helps to create some attachment to the the city and its inhabitants. 


Videos created

Video hours

Release date
March 2015

Active Link

British Council
The Space

Creative Director
James White

Oriana Gaeta

Flying Object

Orlando Festa

Technical Lead
Renato Formato


Renato Formato
Alberto Parziale
Bart Merenda
Emanuele Palazzetti

Luigi De Rosa
Patrick Arminio