Linesight – A new home for a global construction company


We partnered with a global leader in professional construction services to reinforce their position in the market.


Linesight has been delivering professional services and strategic support to the global construction industry since 1974. During that time they have grown to a sizeable, international brand. 

We were tasked with creating a new home for Linesight that reinforced their position as a global player, highlighted their industry-leading knowledge and provided a platform that could continue to grow with the business. 



The project began with a hands-on design workshop. Over 2 days we collaborated with stakeholders from across the business, guiding discussions with a user-centred approach and in turn uncovering the true challenges the website needed to solve.







We believe the best design happens when you test early and learn fast. We worked with Linesight throughout the design processes, putting prototypes in their hands at regular intervals ensuring they could gather feedback across their teams.



A modular design system

We created a design system that is a true evolution of the Linesight brand. Linesight benefits from a first-rate brand identity - however, the brand had not been fully explored for digital applications. We evolved the identity, creating a digital design system that can be used by the client for any digital application they may need in the future.






The main business aims for Linesight were to feature completed projects, drive more traffic to their Knowledge Center and to communicate the global nature of the projects they work on. We used high fidelity interactivity to embellish and accentuate Linesight’s projects and Knowledge Center while integrating customized regionalisation throughout the website.





By entirely reconfiguring the website and designing modular pages, Roll Studio gave the client the liberty to build and adapt each section of the website yet keeping the design and UX consistent. Roll Studio selected Contentful, an easy-to-use headless CMS where users can create, manage and distribute content as needed.


Release date
April 2019 


Scope of work
Design, Strategy, UX, UI, Development

Anastasia Santoro
Tim Janes

Creative Director
Orlando Festa

Tech Lead
Renato Formato

Frontend Developer
Dario Carella

Backend Developer
Marco Acierno

Project Manager
Laura Wiech-Przerwa