Modernising and updating the way longstanding readers consume fast moving news via a digital format.

Free, hardhitting and beneficial

Since 2012, Orticalab has been an online newspaper which has reported on politics, news, culture, sport and the daily life and ideas of the area within a regional and national context. 
Their aim has always been to stay autonomous and report the facts, trying to stay above opinion. As such, they have been celebrated for their transparent, irreverent and objective reporting. 

They influence the newspapers’ agenda and lead the conversation around important topics, broadening their audience beyond the boundaries of their territorial range (Avellino and surroundings, a small city in Campania, South Italy). 


Experience Design

As leaders and influencers in their field, Orticalab needed to guarantee their users a seamless experience, reframing the user journey and improving the accessibility of content across all devices, by creating intuitive and intelligent navigation, advanced functionalities, rubriques and magazines, editorial, media content and the new “topics” section.

Cross screen interface

The new website benefits from responsive breakdowns (big and standard desktop screens, tablets, smartphones), ensuring compatibility with the most used devices, fixing the technological limitations the previous website version had.


Evolutive system

This resulted in a completely renewed information architecture, based on a modular approach, a consistent and robust design system capable of scale up topics and themes, flexible and adaptive for new needs that arise daily in the Newspaper lifespan.





A New identity

Orticalab is not just redesign, it’s also a rebrand, repositioning and an inner transformation. It’s a proof of the growth and evolution of the service, which embodies the ambitions and potential of the whole Orticalab crew who have done an incredible job as a result of their passion, dedication, engagement and commitment to the brand vision “Libera, Pungente e Benefica” - translated simply as “Free, Hardhitting and Beneficial”. 





Release date
June 2020




UX Design
Mauro Del Gaudio

Brand Design, UI Design
Michele Greco

Tech Lead / Backend Dev
Renato Formato

Frontend Development
Dario Toscano

Project Management
Adriana Percopo

Executive Producer
Luisa Tatoli