A refined search and faster loading times take this luxury villa site into a new league of excellence

Sibarth Villa Rentals

This long established Villa rental company on the Caribbean island of St Barth is renowned for its luxurious accommodation and bespoke design. We helped to create a website experience that reflected these values.


Working with the talented designers at Studio Bowden allowed us to focus on the frontend implementation of the designs. Focusing on the user experience we worked to implement bespoke features to really set the site apart from the competition, with custom generated sliders, calenders and selection fields.


We developed an advanced search system allowing users to find the villa of their dreams as easily and as quickly as possible.
Through the use of several different filters, flexible dates and categories the user can minimze their villa selection very quickly. With new topics being integrated such as filtering based on the vicinity to town and amenities it is an ever evolving area of the site. 

Average search response speed

0.23 sec


A series of tools were developed within the CMS to help the employees of Sibarth manage the running of the site. As the site is reliant on good quality images we developed a script that cuts, resizes and adapts any type of image to file to fit in with the site. Taking the headache out of editing images for online allowing them to create beautiful imagery instead. 

Our strategy with the Sibarth re-brand had digital right at its core. It was essential for our team to work with developers capable of not only realising our goals, but helping us push them further. Having worked with Roll for over 6 years on various sized projects, we can say that their skills with human interaction are as valuable as their skills on-screen. Roll are a golden partner for any company

David Bowden, Studio Bowden


Currency Management

We developed a real time Dollar-Euro converter. This can be applied at each stage of the transaction.

Database Integration

We have created a solid communication between the information on the website and the company’s database.

Loading Time Optimisation

Loading times have been dramatically cut through a “caching” system for pictures and web pages creating an almost instant display of the information

Automated PDF Creation

Realtime creation of pdf’s ready to be printed. Each document contains a breakdown of the selected villa and the current pricing structures.

Mailchimp Templates

Implementation and management of several custom templates for email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp.

Bespoke marketing emails

The staff can create emails with hand picked offers specific to the needs of the recipient all packaged within a bespoke Sibarth designed template driven email.


Feb 2011


Studio Bowden

Tech Lead
Renato Formato

Frontend Developer
Luigi De Rosa

Viviana Tarantino