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The Welcome People

The Welcome People came to Roll in 2012 looking for new ideas to develop their business tools. Together we have created a system of unrivalled accountability and are forging a relationship into the future of this tech driven brand.

Who & why

Dressed in iconic bowler hats The Welcome People are a street management team that provide a tailored visitor welcome to some of the UK’s best known destinations. The Ambassadors share local knowledge to visitors whilst keeping an eye on the street, making them an invaluable asset to local business owners and the cities they patrol. 

The Welcome People came to us at Roll in 2012 in need of a solution to compiling the variety of issues that they report on a daily basis and making sure that these issues get dealt with more efficiently. The data that they collect about the street is invaluable to clients and they needed a better way to present this.


The Welcome People's business is dependent on reliable systems of accountability. Ambassadors instantly log issues on the ground with the Strata app which gets fed into a large database. Back at the HQ all this data is collected and analysed on the Dashboard, all reported issues go straight off to the relevant authorities to start the chain of events. 

Introducing strata

Strata was developed to help each ambassador log information. They carry an Android phone which logs their location via GPS and tracks reported issues, counts and locates customer interactions, business visits and intelligence tallies and updates the client dashboards every fifteen minutes. 

  • Customers Welcomed
  • Business Interactions
  • Intelligence Tallies

Real-time Data Logging

The ability to log and review real-time issues from the street gives a huge amount of help to the local authorities. The areas that the Welcome People patrol get a new level of security and police can track issues as they are logged by Strata


As well as keeping track of customer interactions the accountability system sets time limits to issues in order for the council to fix the problem. After the time limit is up the Ambassador receives an alert to go and check whether the issue has been fixed.
This accountability creates a rise in the quality of the areas using the scheme. 

Ambassadors on duty

The dashboard

The Dashboard is the main hub of the operation, allowing the controlling officers to monitor the progress of the ambassadors on the street. Through the use of live maps we can log the position of ambassadors and analyse the data they collect. 


Data is compiled and presented in an easy way to analyse on the dashboard. Heat-maps give a zoomed out overview of current issues, these can present trends within the environment that may be worth reporting to shop owners. We can also analyse down to a micro level of the progress of each ambassador during the day. 

We developed Strata with a view to completely changing the approach to the service, creating this system of unrivalled accountability, we believe has expedited our growth in the last year

Calvin Lacock, Director


Release date
February 2012

The Welcome People

Creative Director
James White

Marco Grimaldi

Technical lead
Renato Formato

Android developer
Patrick Arminio

Backend developer
Alberto Parziale

Frontend developer
Luigi De Rosa

Filming / Editing video
Nick Wassell

Andrea Maioli

Orlando Festa